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Direct Services

Choose Your Learning and Collaboration Method

As experienced educators ourselves, our team of EdTech Specialists acknowledges the diverse ways in which individuals learn, their varying support needs, and the significance of time in fostering engagement during professional development endeavors. 


Outlined below are the services we provide directly to school staff, either through in-person visits or virtual meetings via platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet. These services entail close collaboration to determine the most effective means of assisting you in realizing your vision for seamlessly integrating technology into the school environment.

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Digital Instructional Consulting: A collaborative effort between our specialists and educators that takes classroom management, teaching and learning enhancement, and promoting student engagement challenges from vision to implementation.

Educators collaborating on a project
Students using educational technology applications on a computer

EdTech Application Implementation: Tailored support for seamless integration of specific EdTech applications through advanced training and expert guidance.

Professional Development: Customized training to equip educators with essential skills and knowledge in educational technology through individual, small group, and/or whole staff sessions.

EdTech Specialist providing professional development to a group of educators
An educator selecting an option for reaching out to an EdTech Specialist for technical support

Hardware and Software Support: Comprehensive assistance and training for utilizing new hardware and troubleshooting common software applications.

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